Thin Glove Cat

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Product Description

Ideal for all kids! This retainer is great for securing mittens and gloves.

3 reviews for Thin Glove Cat

  1. DW

    I bought three sets of these years back in order to, SURPRISE! Not lose my gloves! But then I moved to Texas. And don’t really wear gloves anymore. However… I still had these clips. And, I go camping quite a bit. And discovered, that these clips are absolutely fantastic for any number of things. I use them to clip wet clothes to a line. I have two that are attached to my backpack, (wish I could send you a photo!) so I always have something strong, available, and easy to use when I need to attach two things together. (Provided the two things can be clipped.) I use one for my REI chopstick case, which usually gets sunk to the bottom of the pack. Not so anymore, it is clipped and tethered now. And so many other uses over the years. I’ve lost 3 of the original clips, and it is about time to order more. Thanks! Even tho I don’t wear gloves anymore, (ok, ONCE I did…) these clips are among the most useful things I ever bought.

  2. Kouzelnice

    These glove cats are wonderful for adult skiing! You never have to worry about losing your gloves. They are very strong and clip on well, and are perfect size for adult use. The range of colors is fantastic for color coordinating (if you care.)

  3. Laurie

    Bought 2 many many years ago to use in our Mustang Convertible. On our 3rd convertible now (stang, stang, BMW❤️) and husband misplaced his. Oh Nooooo. Buying backups and several more for all our hats. Great accessory for keeping hats from flying in the wind!

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