Dirt Bag Clay Bath Powder 2.5 LBS


Please call 800-338-2030 ext. 34 for quantity pricing.


  • Perfect for mud baths, foot treatments, back facials and body wraps
  • Detoxifies and exfoliates from head to toe and provides a smooth texture to skin
  • Preha mud baths east body aches and pains
  • No Algae
  • Unlike other clay products, Preha rinses easily and quickly
  • Hand crafted and hand packaged in Logan, Utah  USA 
  • -Facial
  • -Face Mask
  • -Mud Bath
  • -Foot Facial
  • -Clay Mask
  • -Body Wrap
  • -Lava Salt
  • -Skin Agent
  • -Body Clay
  • -Back Facial
  • -Bentonite Clay

Available in a Bag or Jar


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