Cat Crap

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Product Description

Voted the #1 anti-fog on the market! Our lens cleaner and anti-fog treatment is safe on all lenses and great for eyewear, goggles, binoculars and helmet visors. Simply rub it on and rub it off…you’re in for a clear day! Works great with our micro fiber lens cleaning cloth.

4 reviews for Cat Crap

  1. Karole

    I tried CatCrap because I liked the name. It is the best lens cleaner/ anti fogger I have ever tried!


    Just got my tub of cat crap from the states over to the UK. Well after reading all the reviews I just had to get some.

  3. Mary Tufts

    Best product ever for cleaning eyeglasses. After applying this product and following instructions for cleaning eyeglasses with it, your glasses stay clean for quite a while. It does not harm glass surface at all. You will be surprised after using this to see how much you have missed in your every day eyeglass sight. This is one superior product! I highly recommend it to anyone.

  4. Ravi

    My friend Shauna told me about this stuff after she noticed my difficulties playing tennis with humid and cold conditions. Game changer! Works great on my prescription lenses as I play competitive tennis. Thank you!

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